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Dhamma talks(English translation) By Ajahn Maha Worapot Kittivaro

Becoming One with Nature. Letting go of any conditioning.Being empty and at peace. The Buddha said that there is one thing that a person should clearly know,

After we practice mindfulness and are aware of the body and the mind, then we will be able to perceive the sensations of the whole body. We will know the whole body and be aware all the time. This is the entry to the stable mind, which is having the right concentration,

Meditation practice is the way that we can reach the dhamma - the truth about the nature of this body and mind - and the immortal dhamma, which is free from attachment.

At the beginning, the practice of right mindfulness can help with healing and detoxifying us of any unpleasant emotions. It can also adjust or balance the body,which enhances overall well being. As a result,we will have good mental health and 

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